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You can get an insurance policy covering COVID-19 infection with us, this is compulsory insurance for foreign tourists visiting Ukraine (by plane or ground transport). This policy is required by the border service of Ukraine for ALL non-residents on a mandatory basis.

We offer coronavirus insurance for foreigners with different coverage - cheap insurance with minimum conditions and policies with the most advanced conditions.

All our policies are suitable for crossing the border of Ukraine. Upon request, we can send a sample of any policy.

All types of covid insurance can be purchased online or by contacting our managers.

We would like to inform you that you can draw up an insurance contract and pay it online at the following link:


Foreign citizens are required to have an insurance policy with COVID-19 treatment to enter Ukraine. During their stay in Ukraine, foreign guests are required to have insurance for the entire period of stay in the country.


  • The price of the policy is from UAH 33, approximately USD 1.20 per day
  • Online payment with any bank card
  • Option to select the required policy period
  • Unlimited number of visits to Ukraine with the policy
  • The policy is sent to your e-mail within 5 minutes after payment
  • Covering not only COVID-19 but also other acute illnesses

The health insurance policy is suitable for:
- entry into Ukraine;
- application to the Embassy of Ukraine for a visa (30,000 Euros);
- submission to the Migration Service of Ukraine.
Insurance is provided for foreigners (non-residents of Ukraine) and citizens of Ukraine, including adults and children, without age restrictions.
The electronic insurance policy does not need to be printed out. It is enough to save it on your phone or tablet to always have access to the document.
In case of a mistake, you can always contact us and you will make the necessary changes to the insurance policy.
If you have purchased a policy but the trip is canceled, please inform us of the reasons for the cancellation and we will be happy to postpone the dates.
You can get acquainted with the terms of the insurance contract on our website in the section "Public information" - "Public offers" or at the link: Contract.pdf

According to WHO, the number of coronavirus infections continues to grow rapidly, and such diseases often require operative and expensive treatment.

KRONA Insurance provides healthcare and pay the costs of treating foreign citizens in case of COVID-19 coronavirus disease in the territory of Ukraine. By request, when choosing the appropriate program, the cost of medical support during observation can also be included. This insurance policy is a mandatory document for crossing the Ukrainian border.

Under the Insurance Policy, in addition to the medical expenses incurred for treatment of COVID-19, the medical assistance in case of other acute illnesses requiring emergency medical care and inpatient treatment will be covered and organised for the client.

We wish you a good day and an unforgettable trip!



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